Day four at Tessuti Print Studio

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Here is my final day placement with Fiona at her studio – what an amazing week I had.  I learned things you could never learn in the college studio and being in a real life studio really is the way to learn ~ here are just some of the things which were great hands on experience.

How to attach a new backing cloth to the print table.

Working out orders received and the printing  order ~ which dyes to mix so that colours can be used all together without wastage and keeping the dye fresh.

Making use of the huge print table by placing the silk and wool fabrics so colours and designs can be done at the same time.

Most definitely NOTHING goes on the print table  ~ dyes, squeegees, drinks etc etc, although at one point I did have to climb on the table to hold the screen whilst printing!!

That however careful you are, unidentified marks still appear – the joys of hand screen printing.

How to attach fabric to the backing cloth and steam fabric correctly.

Fionas’ special recipes for mixing dyes and discharge dyes with extra special ingredients!!!

I learned you don’t need to ‘work out’ if you’re doing full time printing.

I need to grow or have a plinth created for me around the table!!!

Fiona has been amazing allowing  me to work along-side her and share her working life for a week – its really hard work and for anyone who thinks being a textile designer is easy they should work with Fiona  for a week as she multi tasks between screen printing, running Concrete Wardrobe which she co-owns with James and fitting in trade fairs around the world to market herself and local design markets to sell to the public.

Its been another amazing experience and if anything it has made me want to be a designer maker even more ~  thank you Fiona for your patience, making me feel at home, teaching me so much, allowing me to print under your expert guidance and for the laughs too.  Hope I get to come back one day – Judy

Tessuti Scotland ~ Printing Studio Edinburgh

On Tuesday I started my placement with Tessuti Scotlands’ Fiona McIntosh – what a first day working in her studio with orders for far and wide and given the task of mixing the discharge dyes – no pressure.  But it was fine the dyes behaved especially the yellow and I was saved.

The print table is huge, a far cry from my little 2.5 metre run in my shed and bears the marks of recent print runs which are lovely in their own right.

Pinning the dyed items to the print table and getting used to beautiful fabrics I’ve not used before

Squeegies ready to print and hundreds of exposed screens full of amazing pattern fill part of the studio

my first day was filled with printing  under Fiona’s guidance and even though I print at college and at home Fiona showed me ways to make printing large quantities easier, cleaner and hopefully faster.

She has patience in abundance trusted me with her very very expensive fabrics – thankfully the printing went well and we managed to get two smaller items steamed before I left. This was great as at college our steaming is done for us – Fiona showed me how to attach the silks, roll and place on the steamer head and into the huge steamer cabinet. All the time answering my questions about the mistakes I make at home when steaming on my cooker top!

Here’s a little peep at the fabric just out of the steamer with Fiona

Will show the before and after pics later – must go now and make my way across Edinburgh – love being back here and excited for today’s round of dyeing, printing and steaming!!!

Kings Road London ~ Anthropologie

Lindsey and I went for a wander down Kings Road and found Anthropologie – what a store!!!!  Dream to have my designs in there one day …………………….. click on images to make bigger

 Anthropologie Kings Road London

all images ©judyscottdesigns2012

Tessuti Printed Textiles Scotland

Carrying on with my research into textile screen print studios, today I am highlighting Tessuti Printed Textiles Scotland.  Founded by Fiona McIntosh in 1985 in Edinburgh, after studying at the Scottish College of Textiles, Tessuti offers beautiful fashion accessories with designs influenced by the 50’s and 60’s.

Latest silk scarfs in Concrete Wardrobe

Fiona hand dyes and screen prints unique fashion accessories onto silk, knitted wool, lambswool and cashmere  producing vibrant colours and retaining the soft handle of the fabrics with the technique she uses.

Fiona regularly attends design led craft and gift fairs including The Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show, The New York International Gift Fair and   Pulse London where original products are show cased. You can find Fiona on Mondays in Concrete Wardrobe which she co-owns with James Donald – of the PickOne label.  Concrete Wardrobe is dedicated to selling and promoting quality Scottish based or trained designer makers & crafters whose work is both high quality and affordable. Tessuti Scotland also has a web site which shows Fionas’ designs and information and now you can  follow her on facebook.

Fiona also supports textile design students by offering them placements in their 3rd year of study and this year I’m one of a very lucky three who have a place with her – now cant wait for July.