beauty in nature

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 I’m always over whelmed by just how incredible nature is,  the colour and texture that surround us but we just take for granted – from simple but beautiful weeds to incredible vibrant poppies these are some I captured on Monday 30th May in and around Kinross







Results day

Today was results day for the Textile Design students in 2nd year at DJCAD and I’m delighted to say that all the hard work was really worth it – I got excellent grades on all of the sections and really good constructive feedback.

All that leaves now for semester one is to complete assignment 4 for Design Studies.

Saw this tiny piece of colour coming through the snow today!

assessment day …….. 6th December 2010

What a week in Scotland – snowed in all week and hand in due today thankfully I had everything at home to work on and even a  flood in my house would not stop me  getting everything finished.  Repairs to sketchbook, samples rewashed  and boards done – ready to go only to wake to another white out!  Eventually after much will I ? wont I ? – Jim took me and we eventually arrived in Dundee!  See below for studio space…………..

Here is what I’ve been working on since September,  I was really scared of what I’d taken on at first but once I overcame that I have just loved every minute and to see it all pull together makes me really rather pleased with myself.

Now just have to receive my results tomorrow!

time for a little colour

my lovely watercolours – my 50th birthday present

c 2010

c 2010

ok now I’ve just had enough of winter and all this white stuff!  Time to inject a little colour into your day, my chosen subject to take further for my degree  just has to be print!   I love it I LOVE IT – really it is amazing – I walk past the print room and I just want to go in and make fabric, I’ve enjoyed knit and I really like mixed media  and I can still carry on and do those in my own time but for my specialising it has to be PRINT.  When I go to the dye lab with my mask and gloves I just get really excited to see what I can create with all the ingredients and then once you lay out the silk onto the print table I can’t wait to make marks with the dye, sponges and screen and then with the discharge paste – its exciting very very VERY!!!

I took a series of photos when I was doing my textiles in practice print week and thought I’d share them here with a little video …. let me know what you think 🙂


and below are some of the finished silk pieces now washed and ready to use

c 2010

c 2010

c 2010

all designs are copyright Judy Scott 2010

perfect pattern in nature

must explore fractals in more depth