Hello Im back



Just incase you don’t recognise this – Tobermory

Well its been a while, I’ve had an extremely busy summer with a trip to Mull, a house sale and a new home search in Dundee.

if I hang out of the window I can see the River Tay

But now I’m back. I have a new home in a new town, 5 minutes from University and Im already half way through my first semester with first presentations and crits over.   Will try and update  regularly  with progress on both my Design and the Market report, as this replaces my dissertation and my design development as I go through my final year in Textile Design.

Im very excited about my textile designs as I prepare for the finale of the degree show but a lot has to happen before then.  The report has to be completed by January 2013 – for those of you who don’t know its all about creating a studio for textile designers to have a space to print, a place for me to print and  to teach cloth colouring and printing. Exciting stuff!  More posts to follow  soon:)