the ups and downs of summer 2011

summer has been a funny old affair, I had so much planned; travelling, meeting up with friends, exhibitions and of course, reading, my summer project for uni; colour and pattern

and work experience.  I was doing ok getting on gradually.  May bought the Month of Marks hosted by Cameo Curio where I tried to create everyday! I spent the day with Claire Heminsley, teaching her how to work her wordpress blog!  It was brilliant, spending the  day in her home and incredible studio, oohhh and did I mention the homemade bread – gorgeous!

I’d started my volunteer work at the DCA and got the opportunity to do some classes there and catch up on news from artists I’d met the previous year –

photo etching with Rob

paper making with Marianne

I had the Kalamkari exhibition at the Botanics

detail of  two of my pieces for the Kalamkari exhibition

I was making  progress albeit slow with my summer project when this all came to an abrupt end – I went into hospital for a routine exploratory operation – 20 minutes maximum, 3 hours later I was still in surgery then rushed with lights and siren up to Ninewells 😦  I could write a book here about service design in the NHS – this was the same problem I mentioned  back in second year – semester one when I was looking at  service design and has been ongoing since April 2010! Need I say more and I don’t really want to write a book I want to print textiles. I still have another 2 consultants to see – this is when I wish I’d had medical insurance.

Anyway I’m still recuperating – I cant believe how my life has turned upside down and inside out and how pathetically weak I still am ! Its been pretty lonely too as I’m still not been able to drive. But this will not beat me – I am gradually starting to work on my summer project again and have attempted to start reading the books, from my list.  I’ve been playing around on my web site too  – see what you think and perhaps let me know

I’ve  had the chance of two other work experience places – one I’ve had to let pass as I was needed straight away but the other with Claire Heminsley could perhaps still go ahead.


From 3 – 11 September I will be taking part in Perth Open Studios as part of the Kalamkari Textile Group, we can be found here.  We’re number 37 on the lime route in the wonderful studio of Morag Gray, at Kirkside Studio, Kirkside, Abernyte, Inchure PH14 9SS.

Directions: From A90, Inchture exit follow B953 to Abernyte. At the school, turn right to the church. We are second on the right after the church on the road to Knap/ Tullybaccart.

I will have items for sale at very reasonable prices; screen prints – here are a sample

etchings, collagraphs, textiles and gorgeous bunting, birds and lavender hearts for sale – photos to follow. There will be lots of other arty goodies for sale too.

Hopefully I’ll be back to normal very very soon and I’ll get back into my exercise routine which was started at the beginning of the summer hols!!! and I’ve learned patience if nothing else this summer – hopefully see everyone soon and enjoy the rest of summer x

Sketchbook Project 2011

My Sketchbook is now finished and is flying its way to the USA to go on tour.  The project was organised by the ArtHouse Co-op check it out and if your near one of the venues go and look at the works of art contained in all these tiny moleskins.

new times

New semester, new surroundings, new adventures – think I’m going crazy in my old age or could it be an after mid life crisis! I didn’t do the whole uni experience back in the 70’s when grants were available, life was easy and I was young. Why oh why did I wait till now? Ok I do know all the reasons why and now of course Im loving every minute of it.  For lots of reasons but mainly the travelling daily,  I’ve decided to move out of my family home and into student digs, this means; no bath, no heat, not a dishwasher or tumble dryer in sight, stale cigarette smoke on the carpets – gross, still no computer or printer and of course no internet access or t.v. definitely no money after paying a months rent and the same for a deposit and no cupboard full of the essentials in life I’ve become accustomed to – namely loo roll.  You might laugh but its not funny when you’re forced into taking extra hand towels from the supermarkets’ ladies loo!  But on a positive note the library has now become my second home and I get to read the journals in peace and Im saving the world from my petrol fumes and if I follow the Guardians advice I can grow my own food in the empties!

briannaorg @ flickr

Happy 2011

Two weeks before Christmas when snow was falling, my pipes (central heating) decided to spring a leak! Got them fixed and then just days before Christmas disaster struck the Scott household – they went again, my dishwasher flooded my kitchen and on Christmas Eve the kitchen ceiling fell in! What a wonderful glorious time we were having.  So since then we’ve had the kitchen part replaced, I’ve been painting and decorating, tiling, fixing curtains and generally making my home like a new pin again, just to get stair carpet and kitchen floor replaced on Saturday.  It looks all sparkly and new but Im in need of some good old fun and relaxation now, bet I was the only one up on New Years Day painting at 9am! I’ve not been near the computer which is unheard of and I’m getting withdrawal symptoms for creating but I have the Art House Co-op sketchbook project to finish and some work for a group I belong to all before the 14th January.

At the weekend Im off to Edinburgh to the Gallery of Modern Art to the “Another World” exhibition filled with surreal art.  Cant wait:)

I would like to wish my readers a very happy 2011 and thank everyone who visited me here last year and do hope you found my site interesting and that you’ll keep coming back and supporting me.