Bradford Textile Society ~ Design Competition

As part of our Partnerships Networks and Connection Module we take part in various live briefs. At present we’re designing for the Bradford Design Competition.  I took my starting point from previous designs I’d completed over second year and once the collection of images were all together I felt there was a possible oriental look happening.



We’re encouraged with all our briefs to see what’s happening in industry and a good place to start is with Textile View Journal and the trend forecasting books.  I also collected a series of images from books journals and online sources ~

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Am now drawing and working on developing the designs



Craft is Knowledge

Changes are coming to Duncan of Jordanstone.  This happens every 5 years within educational establishments and the last few months have been a busy time for tutors, lecturers and those who involved with writing new modules and programme reviewing.  I was amongst some of the students who attended workshops to help those planning the review and last week was also interviewed by a group of external reviewers from around Great Britain.  This was very scary but also a huge step in boosting confidence that has been a little low of late.

Textile Design, Jewellery Design and Interior and Environmental Design are to be grouped together under a new umbrella – Design and Craft, this is a very  exciting time with the hope that some projects could possibly run side by side and give design students a chance to see how the other areas work through sharing ideas.  New modules are also to be introduced but at present nothing has been confirmed.  I  feel its very forward thinking of the University to put Craft in our title.  Craft is knowledge, its knowing a skill inside out. Duncan of Jordanstone has always been forward thinking and are the only university to offer Design Studies looking at designing for the future, teaching us the importance of networking for business, giving us the opportunity of finding our stage on the world wide web and  giving us the opportunity to research now, not just at Masters level. This together with the practical craft skills we are learning will give us great strength when we graduate.

For the Programme Review day a selection of my work was on display for all to see – I was so thrilled. Its from my trend forecasting project – Stripes of the Sea and includes pages from my sketch book and samples of my printing. Context for this project is for one off pieces to be hung in corporate offices, gallery work and as installations – hopefully this is just the start!


fabric galore

red white and blue with a little yellow …………

my first attempt at discharging reactive dyes on linen – it took ages to do it’s not perfect but I love this piece – more to follow

James Bond

Last night whilst reading Visual Communication by our very own Jonathan Baldwin and flicking though the TV channels, I know it was Saturday night but what other way is there to spend it! I came across Faulks on Fiction, tonights programme was about Snobs! and how novelists use snobs as their secret weapon.  He was talking about post second world war and how people expressed their status through the things they bought – sound familiar? because at this stage I was thinking wait a minute I know about this, recent assignment springs to mind!!  “We are what we buy, wear, sit on, sleep in and talk to”.

Faulks talked of how Ian Fleming used branded goods to connect people to his hero, to make the story more valid to the reader – with his hand made shirts, hand rolled cigars, his customised car and Rolex watch, James Bond was a consumer snob.

It could have been yours for a price

According to  VALS – Values and Lifestyle System developed in the USA it seems James Bond is part Achiever and part Experiencer (although Im not sure if you’re allowed to mix them)


  • Career Oriented
  • Values Stability and structure (not sure about this one)
  • Self discovery and intimacy ( definitely)


  • Love to spend
  • Young impulsive and enthusiast
  • Willing t0 try new things and take risk

I didn’t take this photo – if you know who I should credit please let me know!

So  thanks to James Bond I understand this ‘status’  business a little bit more, he used his belongings to reflect his success every time!

It would seem that the James Bond lifestyle is still going strong, Susie Steiner of the Guardian listed the following must haves!

  • Direct access from road to underground parking complex, with lift directly into the residence.
  • James Bond-level security including CCTV, infrared scanners, panic room, bomb-proof garage doors, bomb-resistant lift and bulletproof windows.
  • A home office complete with a communications system that would please a Royal Navy destroyer.
  • A master suite the size of a one-bed flat with his-and-hers ensuites, walk-in dressing rooms, day rooms, exercise area and TV lounge.
  • A subterranean basement containing bar, nightclub, hairdressing salon, gymnasium, sauna, spa, swimming pool and private 3D cinema (with seats that move with the movie).
  • Staff quarters, separate from the main residence.
  • A show kitchen above ground and a basement industrial kitchen that can cater for up to 300.

Baldwin, J. and Roberts, L., 2006. Visual Communication From Theory to Practice. Singapore: AVA Publishing.

Paris and Pompidou

back of a caravan on the street of Paris

Below – a series of photographs from the amazing Centre Pompidou which was the inspirational idea by President Georges Pompidou

He wanted somewhere in the centre of Paris which focused completely on modern and contemporary creations, a mix of visual arts, cinema, theatre, music and literature

Marco Zanuso 50’s Italian Furniture

Alvar Aalto

Arne Jacobsen

What an amazing collection of work, I could have stayed there for days and it was amazing to see pieces from Fernard Leger, Catharina Van Eetvelde, Jacques Villegles’ torn posters and Marc Rothko – what amazing colour and texture.

The week was a total colour and design saturation, my head is buzzing with ideas and I want to go back – now.  For all the delight inside the building this photo was taken outside – what a comparison but I love how the weather has marked to extra large ducts!