Day three at Tessuti Print Studio

another fantastic day which was packed with lots of steaming and printing enjoy the slide show – thanks to Louise for photographing Fiona and myself, you can see the process well in the slide show. None of the images have been edited!

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Day Two at Tessuti Print Studio

where to start for yesterday – have done so much I wonder how I fill my time at home in Kinross! Arrived at the studio to a lovely cup of Earl Grey and then began by helping steam the  screen printed fabric from Tuesday. Here I am helping to remove the pieces after steaming

I then attached the new print jobs to the table ~ beautiful lambswool knits ready to be printed.  Fiona also shared with me her secrets to successful dyeing of lengths of fabric ~ I helped with the process mixing up the colours again and dyeing 2 different colours of silk which we will be printing today.

Here I am about to print ~ I have to say that my screen printing technique is improving each day  thanks to Fionas’ guidance ~ with each print Fiona holds the screen and watches my every move (pull of the squeegee )- it works though and I did find by the end of the day that I’d really improved.

Building layers of pattern with different discharge dye pastes was how I created the designs for my SDC project ~ I love doing this kind of printing

matching nail varnish to the dye


these will be ready to go into the steamer tomorrow  ~ then they are washed and ironed and ready for their labels

before and afters but still not finished …..

Finally at the end of the day we removed the backing cloth from the print table ~ it would make awesome fabric to create with.  We prepped the table and are ready to put the clean cloth down today ~ another new  skill learned

It was a very busy day but really rewarding ~ looking forward to printing more today ~ till next time bye for now ….

Tessuti Scotland ~ Printing Studio Edinburgh

On Tuesday I started my placement with Tessuti Scotlands’ Fiona McIntosh – what a first day working in her studio with orders for far and wide and given the task of mixing the discharge dyes – no pressure.  But it was fine the dyes behaved especially the yellow and I was saved.

The print table is huge, a far cry from my little 2.5 metre run in my shed and bears the marks of recent print runs which are lovely in their own right.

Pinning the dyed items to the print table and getting used to beautiful fabrics I’ve not used before

Squeegies ready to print and hundreds of exposed screens full of amazing pattern fill part of the studio

my first day was filled with printing  under Fiona’s guidance and even though I print at college and at home Fiona showed me ways to make printing large quantities easier, cleaner and hopefully faster.

She has patience in abundance trusted me with her very very expensive fabrics – thankfully the printing went well and we managed to get two smaller items steamed before I left. This was great as at college our steaming is done for us – Fiona showed me how to attach the silks, roll and place on the steamer head and into the huge steamer cabinet. All the time answering my questions about the mistakes I make at home when steaming on my cooker top!

Here’s a little peep at the fabric just out of the steamer with Fiona

Will show the before and after pics later – must go now and make my way across Edinburgh – love being back here and excited for today’s round of dyeing, printing and steaming!!!

Kings Road London ~ Anthropologie

Lindsey and I went for a wander down Kings Road and found Anthropologie – what a store!!!!  Dream to have my designs in there one day …………………….. click on images to make bigger

 Anthropologie Kings Road London

all images ©judyscottdesigns2012

Work placement part two with Lindsey Gardiner in London at Pulse 2012

On Thursday 7th June I set off from a very dreary Kinross for the next part of my placement with Lindsey.  I was heading for London for a week to help, observe and speak to potential trade customers.  A bit daunting for a 3rd year textile design student but I was excited too and it was an awesome opportunity to see the next part of the process involved with being a practising textile designer/maker who wants to reach customers through stores and other forms of suppliers.

The view from the train from Inverkeithing to Edinburgh was an inspiration with so many lines and shapes and ever the designer I was clicking away and getting strange glances from the passengers as to why I would be photographing a rainy day – what a shame they don’t understand!

So meeting Lindsey at Waverley Station we made our way to Platform 2 (not 1) !!!! and settled in in style – travelling 1st class no less.  Somewhere in the ether there’s a photo of me to prove it but it never arrived so you’ll just have to believe me.  We arrived safe and sound in London and am pleased to say met some lovely people who helped with bags and stairs etc.  We stayed in an amazing house in Fulham, very luxurious and relaxed ready for Friday and setting up the show at Earls Court.

Friday arrived and off we set buying my first Oyster Card which you have to remember not to swipe and got the tube to the exhibition centre.

I’d been at Earls Court many years ago (20) for a needlework show and had forgotten how huge it was.

We found our stand and our delivery of furniture, samples, press packs etc and began the process of setting up ready for the start on Sunday when the  trade buyers would arrive. It was hard to imagine everything would fit in.

Lindsey ordered vinyls featuring her drawings/artwork and these were attached to the walls


A lot of time was spent placing and moving and changing round until it looked just perfect


You never know how something will look till you’re in the space.





And doesn’t it look fabulous – the stand made everyone smile with the beautiful colours and designs, it was a honour to stand and help Lindsey throughout the show and because I’d spent time with her on my previous placement I could speak about her work if I needed to.

Small businesses to large London buyers visited Lindsey and it was scary exciting and amazing all in one go!!!

Whilst there Lindsey encouraged me to attend as many seminars as possible.  These are laid on for both buyers and exhibitors and what an amazing experience this was.  I attended a Mary Portas pitch where 10 designers had 10 minutes to pitch their product to a team headed by Peter Cross – scary but they all did extremely well.

I also went along to hear Warren Knight as he helped show how using the latest trends in social media can help you find customers.

But my favourite was Sally Davies talking about trend forecasting for A/W 2012/13 for the home gift and accessories market.  This was extremely interesting as we have used trend forecast journals in our briefs at art school and of course last year I attended Premiere Vision in Paris which is all about what will be trending 2 years on. Sally talked about how they arrived at trends and using excerpt from the forecasting book Mix Trends published by global color research showed colour palettes, materials and context using the products found in Pulse. Brilliant!!!

The show went extremely quickly, I met lovely designers on the stands around Lindseys’ and  learned once more its not just about printing pretty fabric, there’s a heck of a lot of hard work, stress, networking, planning, figures, patience, laughter but on top of all that you have to have a product that the buyers will want to stock at a price that will keep both you with a roof over your head and them with a profit to be able to stock your gorgeous printed goodies.  Has it put me off becoming a textile designer? Mmmmmmm let me think – no it hasn’t but its made me realise the reality of it all away from the safe cocoon of the art school studio.

I have to say a huge thank you to Scot and Corrinne for letting me stay in their awesome home and once more to Lindsey for an experience that will stay with me forever.