let the final part begin ~ colour shape and fun

welcome to the final part of my textile design degree, my final written report has been handed in and from today until May I’ll be  drawing developing printing and making to create a colourful wonderland.

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Day four at Tessuti Print Studio

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Here is my final day placement with Fiona at her studio – what an amazing week I had.  I learned things you could never learn in the college studio and being in a real life studio really is the way to learn ~ here are just some of the things which were great hands on experience.

How to attach a new backing cloth to the print table.

Working out orders received and the printing  order ~ which dyes to mix so that colours can be used all together without wastage and keeping the dye fresh.

Making use of the huge print table by placing the silk and wool fabrics so colours and designs can be done at the same time.

Most definitely NOTHING goes on the print table  ~ dyes, squeegees, drinks etc etc, although at one point I did have to climb on the table to hold the screen whilst printing!!

That however careful you are, unidentified marks still appear – the joys of hand screen printing.

How to attach fabric to the backing cloth and steam fabric correctly.

Fionas’ special recipes for mixing dyes and discharge dyes with extra special ingredients!!!

I learned you don’t need to ‘work out’ if you’re doing full time printing.

I need to grow or have a plinth created for me around the table!!!

Fiona has been amazing allowing  me to work along-side her and share her working life for a week – its really hard work and for anyone who thinks being a textile designer is easy they should work with Fiona  for a week as she multi tasks between screen printing, running Concrete Wardrobe which she co-owns with James and fitting in trade fairs around the world to market herself and local design markets to sell to the public.

Its been another amazing experience and if anything it has made me want to be a designer maker even more ~  thank you Fiona for your patience, making me feel at home, teaching me so much, allowing me to print under your expert guidance and for the laughs too.  Hope I get to come back one day – Judy

Pod – Ed fun and learning

Over the last few weeks the third year critical makers at DJCAD worked together on a series of briefs – my last update is here.  Well things have been moving along quickly and time seems to have flown.  Presentation day dawned – here is our idea.

Our team name was Voden chosen as it means balance tying in with the Health brief…..

Introducing Pod-Ed – in response to the current focus on childrens’ health and monitoring their body functions, Pod-Ed is a multi functional interactive pod for young children.  Our aim is to educate children and parents in a non threatening environment from an early age on the benefits of keeping healthy and monitoring health.  Possible areas for monitoring are dexterity, cognitive behaviour, weight and temperature.  Upon entering the pod the fun begins, weight sensitive flooring records the child’s weight ,  height is taken using the centre of the pod which is a giant carrot and surrounding the pod are interactive pockets containing games and big comfy cushions cover the floor.

very very quick sketches!!!

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This project was chosen out of three other idea storming sessions as childrens’ health is often in the headlines the focus often on weight, obesity and eating disorders.  It also allowed all 5 of the team from IED, JMD and Textiles to contribute something from their area of expertise and meant that the 5 team members would be fully involved.    We were looking at an ideal world – expecting that parents would want to bring their children along!  The final decision only came together in two weeks so not bad going even if I say so myself.  In hindsight I realise that we only touched the surface, if more time had been available more information could have been researched, e.g. Asking parents if they see a need for this type of service, contacting schools, nursery’s, hospital’s etc to actually see if something like this would fit in their environment and work!  and also to find out what is actually out there.

Our team had great fun as we worked together the girls from IED, Cara and Shona  created the super pod and layouts for the presentation and Zoe, Ros and I focussed on exploring the world of smart materials and using these as aids for the children and the pod. My areas of research were thermochromic dyes and conductive threads.

I put out a question on twitter to see if anyone knew where I could quickly get hold of some thermochromic dye, within minutes I had numerous replies one from a lovely fourth year from the  textile department – she had some and I could have it!!!  The next day I created my separation for the printed cushions and collected the dyes, and as it was my own silk screen I did the printing at home over the weekend as time was running out. I then printed and dyed and machine embroidered with metallic thread ( as a stand in for the conductive thread as none was available locally)  and printed some little business cards. Well presentation does count!

creating the separation on the light box

this cushion is printed with thermochromic dye

the red changes to pale pink when heated

this cushion would also be printed with thermochromic dye

and the conductive thread when pressed would link to a

mini computer chip and play back the number pressed

this cushion would be dyed with thermochromic dye

and also contain a  Pulse Sensor  which monitors and

records heart rate and pulse

my studio desk – great having a wall to cover up!

It has been a new learning experience for me as I’ve never worked with a team in this way before, it was a good experience as everyone worked towards the final outcome.  Last week we entered the world of 3d printing, I have lots to show you very soon – and tomorrow laser cutting! we also have our new brief and there will be more to follow.  In the mean time you can also follow the blog for our module – The Body and Technology, it has some great information on technology.

RSA – Midlife Moment

Choosing a brief for the RSA  – Partnerships Networks and Connections module proved very thoughtful for me. I kept being drawn back to the Midlife Moment –

“Design something that challenges the traditional notion of middle age and shifts focus toward the opportunities of mid-life”  while this is thought provoking in itself I wanted to look at this from the perspective for those of us who didn’t have a great start in childhood – that you can get to mid-life and succeed.  Perhaps my work will give others the encouragement to confront  painful issues from the past so they can move forward to allow the dreams they didn’t ever think would happen  to come true!


 The traditional notion of women in middle age is often one of a stressed mother, juggling finances and work problems with the added concerns for health and growing children.  Thank fully not all women experience this however for many women today, memories of their past encroach on the present bringing extra psychological problems.

Through the medium of textiles my aim is to document their journey from childhood, where abuse silenced and intimated, to midlife where for some the liberation of finding a voice and a freedom to discover themselves gives them extra strength to move forward and  realise what they can actually achieve.

My primary resource will be through listening to survivors and talking to charities where possible who help in this area.  For my secondary research I will look at poetry, photographs and information gained through literature, books and journals and look at artists who also highlight taboo subjects and artist who convey emotion in their art.

To record their memories and words I will use printed textiles and mixed media techniques and try to capture the emotions and feelings expressed to me with the view to create panels and layers which could be hung as an installation .

If you have any thoughts please feel free to leave a comment for me or email me at jpscott@dundee.ac.uk ~ thank you

She’s leaving home

The lyrics of this song are so powerful – very real part of my RSA project