Selvedge Magazine show case my work in their Archway shop

selvedge window

Saturday saw Jim and I head for London with  luggage filled with all my creations tool kit and every kind of fixer and pin you could imagine.  Staying with my daughters was lovely and helped me find a little peace after the busy month of January.  On Monday we headed over to Selvedge on Archway Road and my what a place filled with beautiful creations, magazines to drool over, threads ribbons and all sorts of beautiful designer made fabulousness so what an honour to have my work featured in their window.

And so began the creation of a window display a completely new experience for me on this scale.  Well its one thing designing on paper for a space but in reality there are  the little anomalies to work out but we did it and what we thought would take 2 hours ended up taking  5  1/2!!!!  So here are some of the snap shots along the way.

the shop



There would be no show without this man, he has supported me through all my years of studying and since graduation has been the finance behind my new collection. We work well together and after he has finished work can be found up at my studio helping wash screens, mix manutex and telling me where I should be placing the next motif !!! He should have been a designer ~ thankfully too he is much taller than me or there wouldn’t have been anything hanging in the space.


ME ~ hello if you’ve not met me before

filling the window space

filling the window space – starting to get tricky

me again

there were quite a few cushion covers to fill

staring to fill up

its full in here

jim 2

my assistant



final 1

the finished window

final 2


its lovely and bright – thats for sure and certainly brightens up a February day

My work will be on show until the end of February.

judy 2

if you’re interested in purchasing cushions or lampshades do get

in touch they are all made by me and Ill be listing some in my online

shop very soon, fabric by the metre is also a possibility

thanks for visiting and thank you Selvedge – byeeee

Find out more about Selvedge Magazine  ~

‘The Magazine

Selvedge is a design-led, 100 page, bi-monthly magazine that covers every facet of textiles – interiors, fashion, art, craft, travel and shopping – in an intelligent and inspiring way.

Founded in 2003 the magazine revolutionised the way textiles are presented and quickly became the world’s leading textile publication. Six times a year we cover textiles made with time, thought and skill in a magazine produced in exactly the same way – with quality writing, stunning photography and original illustration. Focusing on textiles doesn’t mean we turn our back on the rest of the world… the exact opposite is true. We see the world though a textile lens but cast our eye far and wide looking for links between our subject and achievements in other fields from architecture to archeology.

More flexible than other textile magazines – Selvedge fits seamlessly into a creative lifestyle.’

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