Work Placement with Lindsey Gardiner – Textile Designer & Illustrator

Meet Lola and Yuki the gorgeous little dogs who share the studio with Lindsey  at WASPS studios Meadowmill in Dundee,  they would also be my companions for the next 2 weeks.  

My placement started unlike any other – a lovely cuppa then a walk in the nearby park with Lindsey and her dogs.

Time to chat and take lovely photos.

Then to work – Meadowmill Studios have just had a fabulous upgrade and Lindseys studio is massive with lots of beautiful light and sunshine.

Lindseys collection of books with their beautifully coloured spines fill book cases and bring lots of lovely colour against the white studio walls

Even her pencil pots and paint brushes look amazing

More tools of her trade – beautiful playful colours ready to create the next textile design, book or fine art piece

Beautifully printed linen was ready for me to stitch and create samples ready for the upcoming trade show at Pulse taking place at Earls Court in June

Cutting sewing and carefully finishing to create these lovely beauties here is Lindseys new cushion range featuring her amazing hand designed artwork.

I also helped finish these lovely little mongrels 🙂

Fabric was also designed to cover a chaise and after a little stress Lindsey found a brilliant upholsterer in Hilltown Dundee, who managed to finish it in record time for shipping down to London.

I love this chaise and so wish it was mine!!!!! The colours are so beautiful

The chaise and all the cushions – ready in time for Pulse

My next little job was to make up the press packs, these would be handed out at Pulse to the Press!

I had a brilliant two weeks with Lindsey Lola and Yuki. I met lots of lovely artists in Meadowmill too, Paola, Mhairi, VanillaInk and others and so wish I was there too – perhaps one day!!!  The whole experience was amazing and an incredible insight into the world of being a textile designer – its not just about printing pretty fabrics.  Lindsey included my in everything and I have to thank her for trusting me and allowing me to voice my ideas too. The next part of my placement was to take place in Earls Court London – yes I got to go to a trade show as an exhibitor…….

10 thoughts on “Work Placement with Lindsey Gardiner – Textile Designer & Illustrator

  1. Congratulations Judy, what a great opportunity. I love that chaise as well! I’ve got one that needs recovered, what an inspiration, just need to find an upholsterer up here! looking forward to your next blog. 🙂

  2. I am so envious. I would love to travel along the same route you have taken……maybe I will resume that journey soon.

    • Hi Catherine, I understand how you feel. It took me till I was 50 to follow my dream and it is all I hoped it would be and more. May your dream come true for you very soon and you love it as much as I do – all the best Judy

  3. Lovely photographs Judy and really pleased you’ve enjoyed the placement. How could you not? Lindsay’s work is lovely and the experience must have been quite inspiring. X

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