Ink and Spindle Melbourne Australia

As I would love to create a studio space where textile design graduates can print and where I can teach small workshops, I’ve been doing a little investigation into textile screen print studios. Imagine doing a placement here ……. Ink and Spindle is located in Melbourne, Australia.

Ink and Spindle

Owned by textile designers Lara Cameron and Tegan Rose, they print all their own designs by hand using water based solvent free inks onto organic cotton and hemp blend fabrics which are sustainable and fair traded cloth.  They create their beautiful designs to last and not to follow trends which will become out-dated and are inspired by the flora and fauna that surrounds them in their amazing country. They print using only one or two separations and are very creative with their placement and this creates a lovely simple look to the fabric. Lampshades, homewares and bags are just some of the items that are created from the printed fabric.  They have a beautiful website , flickr and you can view their gallery here. Click on the image below and you find their shop – gorgeous

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