career advice and placements

Over last year I spent a lot of time at the DCA in the print studio helping out with cleaning and tidying I enjoyed being there and meeting printers of many varieties but I already know I’m a good cleaner – now I have to focus.  I’ve approached verbally, two designers I know really well already for a placement, one Im so happy to say has said yes and my other isn’t at the stage of needing someone but Im first on her list should this change.  There is one other designer ( I know her a little) I would love a placement with – I must do this properly with CV and covering letter although I’m so tempted to phone her. I dont hide the fact that I’m 51 and in all these years I haven’t needed a CV.  My career opportunities have always come to me because of my reputation in what I do and how I do it.  So recently I was fortunate to hear Kirsty Miller and Karen Sleith from Dundee University Career Service give a talk on Sourcing and Securing a Placement and how important a CV is to obtaining the ever elusive placement which of course I want to do in printed textiles. In the placement base which is part of Dundee Universities career section, my section Creative Arts, Design and Performing Arts has 50 placements but not one is in fashion, interior and or design for textiles- so we find our own – the fact that they aren’t advertised shows how popular they are and rare.  So fingers crossed and here goes with my CV which should reflect me and my attitude and approach to work, show who I’m connected with and what I could offer – in other words I have to sell myself!

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