Advice from Rework

The Design and the Market module has opened up a whole new world, one that I knew a little about but each week more is being revealed through lectures, visitors and workshops. We had an extremely successful presentation on our designer of choice – James Donald which can all be found in previous posts but now its all about ME!!!

I’ve been reading Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson – which promises to change the way we work forever, its a great little book and very easy to read, so much so that I’ve even persuaded my husband to read it as he has a small roofing business! A lot of the messages are similar to those shared by Mike in a recent lecture, one of the points is about planning – “don’t have a plan be flexible”. In the book Jason and David say that planning is just guessing and long term planning is useless unless we’re fortune tellers which Im not.  We write our plans before we’ve even begun the journey and then the bits of the plan grow arms and legs and then we get hung up on the detail which in turn leads to stress and you’re exhausted and you’ve  not even started. They use the Sharpie pen as a great example. Use it instead of the fine-liner when you first start as with the Sharpie you cant worry about the fine detail and focussing on the bits that aren’t even important yet. They suggest you improvise, pick up on opportunities as they come your way and because it makes sense to go where immediate things are leading that week – the business is more likely to succeed cause you’re working in the moment.  Still look to the future but dont obsess about it.    So with this advice I am now about to “guess” my assignment 2 for which I’ve to write a 1,500 – 2,000 word enterprise proposal outlining the research I wish to produce over the summer, this then develops into a 7,000 word report which I will write during semester 1 of my 4th year –  Now this is where I wish I was a fortune teller.

2 thoughts on “Advice from Rework

  1. Hi Judy, great book indeed. I’m addicted to these…Seth Godin is a great one to look up! Another tip I would give is that as I’m always busy working, I can only read in bed which isn’t enough time!!
    I subscribe to where you can download these books as MP3s so I can listen to them on my ipod while I work (as long as I’m not trying to concentrate on something difficult).

    It’s great, you are getting your work done and getting inspiration and business tips at the same time!

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