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the RSA brief was completed at the end of 2011 and my boards and sketchbook have been chosen to be sent away to the Society with other amazing design work.  Its incredible how the same title can have such diverse outcomes.  I didn’t make it easy for myself choosing child abuse as the subject for my designs – a lot of soul searching and painful memories but it was also very positive – no more secrets (very important) and it got my friends talking about the subject. My aim was to highlight the fact that some women now in mid life, had a past  which made their future really difficult.  Their need to ‘survive’ and break away meant they couldn’t  always follow the dreams they  had. That mid-life could be the time to  break the hold of the memories which eat away at you and approach life a new, to try and build a confidence which has been knocked out .

I’m doing textile design but my sketchbook was full of textile art so I had to think of how I could put my work into context.  I could have done a number of pieces under the heading textile art and I would love to take my  work further and create in textiles and print more of the designs I produced and I have to say there were many!  To go on then to  exhibit this work and perhaps that of other women, my sister writes poetry as a way of healing, highlighting  that women can win over the past would be amazing and perhaps one day this will happen.  I would be willing to talk about the RSA project but perhaps this sounds self indulgent and I don’t mean it to.  I want other women to be able to do as I have done and for me it was through the medium of art.  Anyway I digress, back to the design aspect, my thoughts were to highlight child abuse and bring it into the home, into everyday, so this is what I did.  For now I wont show my completed work but I’ve included some of the other development – thanks for reading this far.

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