Group Enterprise Project

We met with James Donald on Wednesday at the DCA over a lovely cup of tea

and what a brilliant experience it was. The six members of our group all waited for him to arrive and nerves were a little on edge but we needn’t have been, James is so generous with his time and knowledge.  He soon put everyone at ease with his natural way with people and answered all our questions without faltering, time flew by and before we knew it an hour had passed and I think we were all a little disappointed that the interview had come to an end.

L to R – Kirsty, Viv, Judy (me), James, Sarah, Tarka and Kirsty

So now we are putting our presentation together. I’m presenting James’ inspiration – Scotland of course – the West Coast , Uist and Shetland, his diversification – using technology to create new designs and trade show experience. We have 20 mins which is approximately 3 mins each allowing for slide changes etc, I could speak for hours on the info I have.  Thanks James you were brilliant and I hope we do you justice.



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