The C Word – created by Emma Walker ……..

and to quote Emma “The C Word is most definitely Craft”

In my previous post making-design-work I talked about our lecture from Emma Walker of Craft Scotland.  I first met Emma back in 2009 whilst I was studying at Dundee College. Emma was starting to turn around Craft Scotland and had decided something drastic was needed to reach out to tell the public about the amazing craft making which was happening in Scotland and it needed to be more than paper flyers.  She wanted  to reach a new audience, people who wouldn’t usually think of buying craft and the idea of a cinema ad was born.  It was to be called The C Word. Fighting against opposition from within the craft world and with a tiny marketing budget of £6,000 Emma found sponsors and backers, and several crafters from around Scotland were asked if they would take part in the advert.  James Donald – PickOne Weaver, was one of the crafters to be featured, at the time he was also one of my tutors at Dundee College.   The college held a competition for students to pitch to go with James to The C Word premiere and I was one of them! It was launched  in London and of course Emma and her helpers were brilliant, it was a lovely evening where I got to meet amazing people and the artists who were featured in the ad and their incredible art work. It was the first advert featuring contemporary craft and it was featured on prime time TV here it is ……………..

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