a short talk about stuff

we were rather fortunate yesterday to meet someone with 10 things for us to think about – short and simple, no messing but quite thought provoking for me as a textile designer who is thinking of branching out alone once graduation is over in 2013.

Iain Lauder directs all things creative  at Redpath – here’s his advice for when we go it alone

1. Get faster –

why because the clients want their design yesterday, you’re no longer in the safety net of the art college studio with 4 weeks to complete a brief!

2. Be curious – about clients, other designers and in general

I loved this one! Iain talked of one of his colleagues who always looks up on their way to work and down on their way home  – he notices so much that otherwise would be missed.

3. Dont apologise – believe in yourself.

A good piece of advice – if you believe and can talk with conviction about your designs, your enthusiasm will catch on!

4. Flexible -Be flexible in the way you respond to a brief, cost, and any changes along the way.

This could be difficult when you’re first starting out as its quite easy (especially for me) to get wrapped up in the design development.  Not sure if its different in graphic design but we have quite a process we go through in textiles to get to our finished designs and this is probably the most difficult point for me to grasp – at the moment of course !

5. Be a sponge!

I am already, I cant seem to learn enough and everything I’m being exposed to is incredible.

Take something from everywhere you go, I like to do this through photography or sketching.  Absorb as much as possible and be curious across disciplines. Read everything you can

6. If you don’t know don’t pretend!

Oh wow I suspect we’ve all nodded our heads along the way as its easier than to come out and say “erm I don’t understand what you mean by that” we’re only making things harder for ourselves if we act like this, so if in doubt ASK.

7. Check the brief again and again, keep going back to it.

This is one piece of advice which has been drilled into us as textile designers – again because its easy to get caught up with what you’re doing.  Keep focus and read the brief.

8. Always have ideas – this one made me smile

Iain suggested One Creative Piece A Day – he had a page of doodles on the screen all different ways of saying One Creative Piece A Day.

I’m currently taking part in 28 Drawings Later – I know I’m mark making all the time but this is for fun and to play with different media.

9. Be organised – filing, storage, ideas and also when presenting your work – be professional with the way you present yourself too.  Write down notes immediately after a meeting – whilst its fresh in your mind.

10. Don’t Give up

Even when its getting tough believe in yourself and keep going.

One extra thing which stuck in my mind – consider a business partner, possibly from another discipline, to share the load, ideas and finance.

Thanks Iain gave us lots to think about.

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