Design and the Market introduction

A  rousing introduction from Mike Press on our new Design and the Market module here at DJCAD  which has been developed in response to designer and  industry comments that most UK Design graduates, although extremely creative, lack business management, do not understand their clients and also lack communication skills.  Over the last two years I have been very fortunate to meet previous DJCAD graduates and they too felt that they would have benefited greatly by having some kind of business education.  We are not however learning how to set up a business!

Well I have an admission and Im not ashamed to say but I was the one who thought I’d be guided on how to set up a business, that at the end of the module I would have my vision of Judy Scott Designs all ready to go but as Mike said we’ve moved on from the 80’s, where that would have been the case.  Instead we will “Find our own vision” “Craft our Future” “Understand how a design business works”, we will meet designers who have done just this and will also be guided by tutors who have a wealth of experience in this field Christina Hirst is module leader and  has an extremely successful international jewellery design business, Professor Mike Press author, researcher, international specialist in Design Management and  Programme Director of Craft and Design  at DJCAD and Lindsey Gardiner, textile designer, illustrator and fine artist.

We will be carrying out enterprise research and also exploring a personal enterprise proposal – my second big dream may well come true yet  – watch this space

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