A little home makeover

For as long as I can remember I have loved turquoise and orange – going back to my studies at Dundee College I did my Textiles for Commission with James Donald in these gorgeous colours inspired by photographs taken at Leith Edinburgh.  Also at this time I did my graded unit using the fabulous 50’s as inspiration – it was then I discovered Lucienne  Day and her amazing textiles and Robin Day her husband, a furniture designer.  At Christmas I treated myself to Lesley Jacksons book all about the incredibly hard working couple.  I love the look of this time and decided to paint some of my walls in my living area Javan Dawn 2 by Dulux.  I did a revamp to an old chair the with the same paint then coated the chair with bees wax- cheap make over.  I was also searching everywhere for an old standard lamp and contacted many people and places then I happened to mention to my lovely step dad Ed what I was looking for and yes!!!! he had one in his loft with the perfect colour shade – amazing I love it.  Behind the lampshade is a little design I created for my RSA project  based on 70’s wallpaper hoping to use this more in the near future.  As an after thought I’m wondering how long my little house will stay tidy once uni is back !!!

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