New Technology

From the beginning of our critical making module the new technology we were shown excited me. I am known for my enthusiasm for all things craft and sad as I am, I really loved hearing and experimenting with all things new.  As part of our 8 week iMake project  we were introduced to 3D printing and the Rhino software in which to create designs.  This fascinated me and I would have loved more time to get to grips with the software – I can usually masters things once I’m shown but this time I just couldn’t seem to get it all in my head, in the time I had.

We have our very own 3D printers here in the university! A few weeks ago critical makers went along to the Fulton Building to the  Department of Engineering and saw the machines and what they can create 

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 Laser cutting was next! – I am in love with this machine, in order to create with this tool we had to understand adobe illustrator enough to create designs suitable for laser printing.  Whether it was because I really wanted to be able to laser or because it would fit into my discipline more easily than 3D printing would at this stage, I’ve seemed to pick this up very well and am delighted with what I’ve experimented with.  I created a record book of the materials I used and their laser settings and this will be a great resource for future projects. I also used it extensively in my RSA project.
Sublimation printing was another totally new technology for me and is a great way to create detailed pattern on objects using designs created in Adobe Photoshop. Arduino came next and is another technology I would like to master. The Arduino is a micro controller which is built into a small board and can be utilised to create interactive textiles. The Arduino Lily Pad is wafer thin and can be used with textiles and conductive threads, it has lots of accessories to enable different settings and possibilities.
After our first group project I also experimented further with thermochromic dyes and conductive threads. Love love love!!! loads more images but for now this will have to do
Its been a great module and wish we had more time – there’s so much to learn and master we had great lectures from past graduates of DJCAD – now designers at the cutting edge of research and making and  there are so many more great designers to meet as well!

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