Nicholas O’Donnel Hoare

What an amazing day 3rd year Critical Makers have had today – former graduate of DJCAD Nicholas O’Donnel Hoare  gave an inspirational talk about his work and  projects he’s worked on since graduating. It was awesome to hear the background to the famous kiss ring –  made without human touch until worn – how is this possible ……. using 3D printing thats how – until a few weeks ago this was unknown territory for me – this technology has been around for at least 10 years now!!! Nicholas’ recent work is a far cry from jewellery  and shows that as designers it is possible to cross disciplines and  use new technology – a collaborative project was Helveta looking at provenance of trees which are cut down.  This was done by crafting ‘twin’ beehives from the felled tree each fitted with a QR code so the consumer can track where the object has come from, one is sent to Europe where it is sold and one stays in the area of the felled tree –  hives were selected to encourage bees this leads to pollination of plants and the cycle of growth continues.

His latest work is all available to see on the NODH website.

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