RSA – Midlife Moment

Choosing a brief for the RSA  – Partnerships Networks and Connections module proved very thoughtful for me. I kept being drawn back to the Midlife Moment –

“Design something that challenges the traditional notion of middle age and shifts focus toward the opportunities of mid-life”  while this is thought provoking in itself I wanted to look at this from the perspective for those of us who didn’t have a great start in childhood – that you can get to mid-life and succeed.  Perhaps my work will give others the encouragement to confront  painful issues from the past so they can move forward to allow the dreams they didn’t ever think would happen  to come true!


 The traditional notion of women in middle age is often one of a stressed mother, juggling finances and work problems with the added concerns for health and growing children.  Thank fully not all women experience this however for many women today, memories of their past encroach on the present bringing extra psychological problems.

Through the medium of textiles my aim is to document their journey from childhood, where abuse silenced and intimated, to midlife where for some the liberation of finding a voice and a freedom to discover themselves gives them extra strength to move forward and  realise what they can actually achieve.

My primary resource will be through listening to survivors and talking to charities where possible who help in this area.  For my secondary research I will look at poetry, photographs and information gained through literature, books and journals and look at artists who also highlight taboo subjects and artist who convey emotion in their art.

To record their memories and words I will use printed textiles and mixed media techniques and try to capture the emotions and feelings expressed to me with the view to create panels and layers which could be hung as an installation .

If you have any thoughts please feel free to leave a comment for me or email me at ~ thank you

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