critical making – the beginning – group task day one

Interior Environmental Designers (IED), Jewellery and Metal Designers (JMD)  and Textiles Designers (TD) all met Thursday morning for our first introductory talk and brief.  The aims of the course are to

a. help up to develop a clear understanding of critical thinking and making.

b.To develop an understanding of materials, construction and fabrication.

c.To explore historical context and contemporary making.

We’ll be looking at;

traditional techniques using traditional materials.

Traditional techniques using new materials.

Technological innovation and traditional materials.

Technological innovations and new materials.

The course is bought to us by

Dr Sandra Wilson Jason Nelson Andrew Pelc and Fraser Bruce, quite an impressive range of knowledge.

During the introduction we were shown videos of  incredible work.  A Day made of Glass showed technology we’re using now but applied in a huge way in the future – have a look it really is incredible

We were also shown work by recent graduates whose work in textiles, jewellery and IED won them prizes and recognition because of their use of smart or “out of the ordinary” materials. Here are three textiles designer I was fortunate to meet whilst they were in their final year





The brief was then disclosed to us!!! and because we are working together across the three disciplines we were shown an  IDEO video which showed how to work in a teams brainstorming ideas – 

It was then just a case of getting to know each other here are three of the team plus me!

From left to right –  Cara from Interior and Environmental Design, Ros from Textile Design and Zoe from Jewellery and Metalwork.  We had a great afternoon brainstorming and coming up with brilliant solutions to answer our brief – ” Health – this could be a response to the current focus on healthy eating and obsession with monitoring our body functions,  Blood Pressure, weight etc”

There’ll be much more on this over the next two weeks, so watch this blog:)

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