I hate moaning but Im afraid I need to. Yesterday I had another hospital appointment and missed a question and answer session at uni for my RSA project, am really disappointed as although todays talk was interesting and informative with regard to the incredible organisation – the Royal Society of Arts – yesterday was a focused discussion with Andy my new course tutor. I’m no further forward with my choice of brief although Midlife Moment might be a good choice at the moment.  I need to discuss and take notes to understand things, just reading a brief by myself doesn’t help me.  My health dilemma is taking over my life, twice today I’ve been told I looked stressed – well I am, I’m in pain, I’m knackered from having an operation in the summer and am on high doses of iron and B vitamins to try and get some energy  and I have to get more surgery and soon – but after a chat with Frances today I realise I have to complete the modules in semester one to be able to move forward into semester 2, I don’t want to defer a year so this is when  I really need some excellent service from the NHS – when I ask if I can have my op at the beginning of December to allow me recovery time  d’you think they’ll say yes, keep your fingers crossed for me, send me some good vibes, energy and inspiration 🙂

4 thoughts on “Dilemma

  1. Fingers AND toes crossed!
    I feel completely the same and RSA, a hour and half chat with Mum last night helped a little to get the ideas flowing but not too much.
    If you want a brain storming session or just a chat to let me know (what I was saying on Facebook) I am probably doing Shared Assets so someone from a completely different perspective may help!

    Don’t put too much weight on the session you missed with Andy, it had helpful bits but you didn’t really miss anything we can’t feedback to you.

    Best of luck, and I find getting it off your chest on your blog is one of the best things to do 🙂

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