making marks with ink and screens

yesterday I showed some images from ‘sketch to stitch’ in the evening I worked on ‘sketch to print’ – more to follow when its finished 🙂

random shots from my workroom – threads and development work

I’m volunteering today at DCA print studio – I love it, just to be around the printing presses, paper and inks is brilliant. Sometimes I get the opportunity to talk to the other artists too and this is so inspiring, everyone I’ve met there ( I’ve been going for two years now) is always so friendly and encouraging and the staff are incredibly knowledgable. It was there I learned my first screen printing with Scott. Want to learn? they have amazing evening classes, weekend classes and taster sessions.

printed fabric waiting for stitch

One thought on “making marks with ink and screens

  1. Judy, hi!
    Is there no end to your talents!
    I’m really hoping, this weekend, to read through your posts and catch up with your work. Blogger is down today so I’ve been making the most of my time … making beads and stitching

    Have a lovely weekend hun
    Carolyn x

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