a month of marks – playing with images

take three photographs with natures marks and open them in adobe photoshop

Open up a new file the same size as the photos and drag the images into the new file layering them on top of each other. Now along the top of photoshop there are headings; file, edit, image, enhance, layer, select, filter view , window. Click on window and scroll down to layers and click this. At the side you’ll notice a box headed LAYERS appears – under this you should see all the different photos which you dragged into the one file, now for the fun – on the top photograph, layer three, click the box it should turn blue. Now go to the section in this LAYERS box which says normal and click on the arrow to the right and a load of blending layers should appear – now have fun and watch as things change and blend when you’re happy with a combination save it as a jpeg otherwise the file will be huge and take up lots of space on your hard drive šŸ™‚

this is the three images above blended in the same file using the blending tools in adobe photoshop

as above but using different blending tools

Check out other mark makers at Cameo Curio

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