A month of marks

I’ve been encouraged by cameo curio to make marks – you  might ask why ?????  when you’ve just finished a full on second year in textile design at DJCAD but the things is I have to create, not just when I’m given a brief  but  all the time – its like eating and breathing – I simply love to create and have to create.

So with a new sketchbook to hand my month starts by capturing inspiration, this is the way I always begin a project and to start with Im going to capture natures marks, the marks left by the weather, creatures, insects, man and then we’ll see where it all develops.

So on May 1st  on a little day trip with Jim I decided to take photographs – we hadn’t travelled far when I had to stop the car and capture the following little snaps, it was the colour and patterns that caught my eye as we were driving along and I loved the acid green on the sand stone.

I’ll have to capture more inspiration before I can make marks in my sketchbook but I’ve been working on this today 🙂 More tomorrow!!

5 thoughts on “A month of marks

  1. Looking good Judy! Really good start point to your month of marks.

    Have you see my blog up dates with my i – phone drawings? More to follow.

    I have finally figured out my blogging issue, so I may go back rectify my previous entries as I have developed a facial twitch every time I look at them.

    G/S opening tomorrow night from 18.00 …. or is it 18.30?????

    Hope all is well


    • Hi James thank you – I’ve been playing about with my iPod apps too – think they would look good in a weave 🙂 will go check yours right away x

  2. Fantastic! The acid green on the sand stone is striking – I wish I could touch it! Can’t wait to see what you do with it.

    • Ah thank you 🙂 – on Sunday we were driving along a narrow road and I shouted STOP poor Jim nearly had a heart attack! The colours were so amazing I had to photograph them! Any way I’ve got plans and will hopefully blog my way through them

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