Dundee College once again offering me a new experience

On Friday I gave my first ever presentation as a Textile Designer to the Textile Design and Textile Design for Fashion students at Dundee College, Graham Street, Dundee.  It was here that I did my City and Guilds Machine Embroidery, HNC Textile Design and some HND Textile Design units.  The time at Dundee College was incredible for my growth as an artist and here I was allowed to experiment and push myself with design, this in turn was amazing for my confidence in myself, allowing me to apply to second year as an direct entry student to Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design to study Textile Design.

I was asked to deliver the presentation by James Donald my former tutor who teaches the HNC unit with Claire Heminsley and Laura McGregor. My brief was to talk about myself, my background  and the journey through to where I am now in terms of my art and design. I was also asked to talk about my experience of blogs and web sites and how I feel about social networking tools. I also talked about Design Studies as it linked with a project I did in semester one about how people connect and about the Embroidery Guild and the importance of keeping skills and craft alive with younger members too.

The presentation was to last 30 – 45 minutes which is quite along time for a first timer but I used a power point presentation (mostly images) and post cards to prompt me.  In hindsight I would probably try to have a live link to the internet and my blog in particular. I would have my examples of work closer to where I was standing and probably focus more on what I am doing now (although it is mostly uni work at present).

It also highlighted for me where my strengths and weakness are and I realise that my strengths are in talking about textiles and techniques involved  in my work and just about my own blog and as I’m still in the beginners stage of social networking felt that the content was perhaps not strong enough.  Maybe this is just doubt on my side!

As this was my first ever presentation I was understandably anxious but I believe it was well received, the students were very encouraging with smiles and nods and lots of questions and I received a lovely message from one of the students thanking me.  It was also  lovely to see that I’d inspired the majority of students to go on to university and if they had already made the decision to go, reinforced for them what an amazing experience it is!

I would like to say thank you to James Claire and Laura and all the students for making me so welcome.

me with the students

4 thoughts on “Dundee College once again offering me a new experience

  1. Hi, i was one of the students and i just wanted to say that your blog is lovely, and your work was AMAZING we were all extremely impressed, inspired and excited by it.

    Also, your talk was great, i think you covered all the useful stuff in a lot of detail, you came across as being confident and approachable and i was interested through the whole thing.

    Thank you for letting us see your work and your lecture x

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