Think its time to move back home

Last year Jim my husband was taken seriously ill and subsequently we made the decision to sell our home and it was decided that I should move out through the week to live in Dundee to keep the house tidy (I’m a messy creature) for prospective viewers.  I managed to find a flat in Dundee on Perth Road (quite a miracle I believe) and moved in for the start of second semester, this would save the daily 75 mile journey too.  Its all sounds fine on paper but the reality has been far from successful, its been like going back in time (there was nothing in the flat apart from a bed which didn’t help) and although I tried to see it as a time for immersing myself in my work its had the opposite effect.  I thought I’d be able to work on the computers in the library and media lab which I can but its not the same as having you’re own computer and being able to go when inspiration takes hold and blog.  I love my blog and have missed keeping up, I tried to write my thoughts in a book and then transferring onto the blog but the spontaneity is not the same and I found I was leaving it longer and longer.  I thought my creativity would flow and I would be able to work on my other projects for the exhibiting groups I belong to and also work on my main studies project too but once again I’ve found that Im just working when in uni.  Everything has built up and I miss Jim and my home and after much talking, tears and  tea we’re no longer selling our home 🙂  Its actually been quite a revelation for me and I suppose I shouldn’t be  surprised we have been together a very long time.  I’ve had a lot of support from various and quite unexpected people over the last few weeks and just want to say a huge thank you,  to those who gave me hugs,  those who gave me practical advise on where to go for help and those sent messages – you’ll know who you all are.

5 thoughts on “Think its time to move back home

  1. Hi Judy, I did wonder a while ago when you mentioned you’d moved away from home if everything was okay – but it felt too personal to enquire. Happy for you that it is and that you’ve reached this decision.

  2. sounds like a great idea, you returning home. Your such a home bird, thats a contridiction as you are so out there as well.

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