just a thought to lighten the day a little ..

…  it was our last lecture today with Jonathan and I have to say I will miss his lectures, he has a way of getting you involved and keeping your attention and we’ve not had many with him this year – how quickly semester two is flying in.

When my children were little they used to take a little present to their teacher at the end of the year, it was usually something they or I had made.  I was thinking of this on my drive back to Kinross this afternoon, what would I give Jonathan as a gift – he has all the CD’s in the world, he writes his own books and owns all the latest Apple goodies, ref. his shiny new mac laptop he had with him today (so jealous) and then that was it  – an apple for the teacher !

Todays lecture  covered where we fit within social grading, profiling and social value groups, so I thought there must be a list of apple profiles, where I could pick one out for him, and there it was – The Baldwin – yes he has an apple named after him and here it is 🙂

A bright red winter apple, very good quality and easily shipped according to wikipedia

Baldwin (Also known as: Woodpecker)

Parentage / Origin: Chance seedling; Discovered Massachusetts, USA, 1740
Harvest / Season: Harvest: October, Season: October – Feb
Description: Medium to large, yellow base flushed with orange and striped red. Juicy with sweet to subacid flavor, aromatic and firm. Good cider base, and great for pies.
Tree Characteristics: Usually a productive and vigorous tree. Often a biennial bearer. Triploid


Have a happy weekend everyone and here’s to a brand new week with no stress:)

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