Diamond encrusted design

Just a quick post to fill you in on todays seminar with a difference – an interactive seminar where we used the skills we’ve been learning since we arrived in second year.  In the last assignment we observed people in a place where we were out with our comfort zone – my choice was the football match and it was during this match that I noticed a WAG ( a very glamourous one I have to say) so we decided to use her as our ‘client’.

First we created a fun mood board that told us about her lifestyle and who we were creating for, then we had to come up with an idea of a design using drawings and pictures, it was fast and fun and we had a productive afternoon.  And our design was amazing – a diamond encrusted pull down heater which allows our WAG to tan whilst staying warm and watch the football all at once – better get on to the patent office immediately 🙂

The lovely ladies taking our seminar today were Kate Pickering famous for Vanilla Ink (one of our recent visiting lecturers)  and Lisa Maclean co-founder of Jude Magazine both graduates of Duncan of Jordanstone Master of Design.

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