James Bond

Last night whilst reading Visual Communication by our very own Jonathan Baldwin and flicking though the TV channels, I know it was Saturday night but what other way is there to spend it! I came across Faulks on Fiction, tonights programme was about Snobs! and how novelists use snobs as their secret weapon.  He was talking about post second world war and how people expressed their status through the things they bought – sound familiar? because at this stage I was thinking wait a minute I know about this, recent assignment springs to mind!!  “We are what we buy, wear, sit on, sleep in and talk to”.

Faulks talked of how Ian Fleming used branded goods to connect people to his hero, to make the story more valid to the reader – with his hand made shirts, hand rolled cigars, his customised car and Rolex watch, James Bond was a consumer snob.

It could have been yours for a price

According to  VALS – Values and Lifestyle System developed in the USA it seems James Bond is part Achiever and part Experiencer (although Im not sure if you’re allowed to mix them)


  • Career Oriented
  • Values Stability and structure (not sure about this one)
  • Self discovery and intimacy ( definitely)


  • Love to spend
  • Young impulsive and enthusiast
  • Willing t0 try new things and take risk

I didn’t take this photo – if you know who I should credit please let me know!

So  thanks to James Bond I understand this ‘status’  business a little bit more, he used his belongings to reflect his success every time!

It would seem that the James Bond lifestyle is still going strong, Susie Steiner of the Guardian listed the following must haves!

  • Direct access from road to underground parking complex, with lift directly into the residence.
  • James Bond-level security including CCTV, infrared scanners, panic room, bomb-proof garage doors, bomb-resistant lift and bulletproof windows.
  • A home office complete with a communications system that would please a Royal Navy destroyer.
  • A master suite the size of a one-bed flat with his-and-hers ensuites, walk-in dressing rooms, day rooms, exercise area and TV lounge.
  • A subterranean basement containing bar, nightclub, hairdressing salon, gymnasium, sauna, spa, swimming pool and private 3D cinema (with seats that move with the movie).
  • Staff quarters, separate from the main residence.
  • A show kitchen above ground and a basement industrial kitchen that can cater for up to 300.

Baldwin, J. and Roberts, L., 2006. Visual Communication From Theory to Practice. Singapore: AVA Publishing.

3 thoughts on “James Bond

  1. Hia Jude, loving reading your joy in learning, you are making me want to retake my degree 😦
    and thanks for the tonic that is a naked Daniel Craig 🙂

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