Snoop part two ……

My Snoop partner Vikki was very easy to snoop on and was great to work with as she always responded immediately and made this assignment an easy one, she has given her permission so here is the transcript of the email I sent to Vikki ………………….

I’ve looked over your photos and here are my findings ūüôā
In some of the photos I wasn’t sure which one was you, however by deduction I think I know who you are now.
Music – not a lot of evidence of music taste except for a photo on your dorm wall, could that be you with one of the Jonas Brothers?
Books – only evidence is the Dundee Uni set texts! ¬†Couldn’t see any magazines or novels
Dorm – looks like student accommodation, which you’ve decorated with items which are important to you. ¬†Your duvet cover is a strong bold design and could be a favourite colour.
Friends – from what I can see all your friends have long hair and use large bags, I would say though you’re quite an individual confident girl shown by wearing the strong coloured duffle coat and hair bands in hair.
In the family photograph which at this stage Im presuming are your family and maybe your home or a grandparents home I would say the home looks traditional with coving/ cornice around the ceiling, dado rail to protect the walls from furniture and antique corner cabinet.
The family is represented again with the wedding photo and portrait on the wall.
As Jonathan has asked us to chose between working and middle class I would say you’re family is a middle class family.
In your dorm the furniture looks like the usual furniture universities  supply with a room.
Girlie things such as hair accessories and products, nail polish, perfumes and sun protection lotion and a new hairdryer.
Micky mouse fan – is that two you have on your bed?
In your dorm you have surrounded yourself with what’s important to you, photographs of friends and family, most showing travel, parties and closeness – happy times. If you should ever get homesick you only have to look around and you’ll remember these times.
Your lap top is on and here you’ll be able to keep in touch – is that a Facebook page thats open just now – then there’s Skype I can imagine you chatting away using todays modern technology.
Your roots are important to you, by displaying the Scottish flag and school tie they are reminders of what you’ve left behind and where they are placed are prominent positions – above the computer and bed you will always see them. ¬†A good luck card ¬†– maybe for your time in Texas.
Your bed cover is a very strong design and colour and similar to the school tie colour, possibly a colour associated with good times and this is probably the only way you can input colour into your room.
The photos on the wall show a team – basket ball maybe. In all the photos you look very happy and confident.
Look forward to hearing from you to see if Im on the right track and to hear what you have to say about  me.
Just want to confirm that I can put this and your photos on my blog?
bye for now

I heard back from Vikki and it seems I was correct on everything except for her being a Jonas Brothers fan. This assignment was helped along for me because of the choice of photos I had to work with. The dorm photo held the most information, although her personality came over really well in her photos with friends. The more you look at someones photos the more you see and using photographs distances you from their space so you can be more critical, that’s if you need to be. Perhaps if I’d gone into the acutal room, as the students did in Snoop, it would have been a slightly different feeling and more invasive as I could have seen all areas not just the ones that Vikki had chosen for me to see.
When I submitted my photos to Vikki they had to be of my home, there are no photos of me as a child except for a rather goofy school picture and even now the photos I have are groups with my family and not unposed. When picking the photographs I thought that my work area said more about me than anything else as this is my area alone and one I dont share with anyone. I knew my inspiration board might be abit personal as it holds things that I’ve collected or made, but I wasnt worried about sharing this as Ive been blogging since 2006 and I have shared photos like this before. As for being a research subject myself, I think it was brilliant! Although opening the email with Vikkis’ reply made me a little nervous but she did capture me very well, you can read her findings here.

I tried to look at my photographs through the eyes of a stranger and I was almost certain that Vikkis’ response would be that I’m very controlled with all my boxes neat and organised and perhaps one thing I’ve realised is that I am more controlled than I thought. I also realise that I need reassurance, hence the picture in my work area “Live What You Love”, this was sent to me by my son when I doubted myself being able to cope with universtiy. He believed in me as did all my family and former tutors at college but I had so many fears at the beginning. The photo of my sitting room was a recent one and it had been tidied for the estate agent as we’re selling up but I am a tidy person anyway and really dont like to leave a mess – perhaps its because I live in a small house and have had 3 children! One place that is never tidy though is my art space – once I start working on a project I love to spread out and leave everything to come back to.

Perhaps had Vikki and I been able to meet up our responses would have been different as we got to know each other. I looked at the “Johari Window” a tool used in cognitive psychology. It was developed by Joseph Luft and Harvy Ingham in 1955 to help people have a better understanding of their relationships and communication with others. It uses 56 adjectives as possible words to describe the people taking part. There is much more to the exercise than choosing words but for the first part words are chosen to describe the person by both themselves and their peers – these words represent the traits which are known to everyone and from just looking at Vikkis’ photos and our email conversations I was able to pick¬†the following words¬†¬†to describe her.¬†¬†

Adaptable, bold, brave, caring, cheerful, clever, confident, dependable, energetic, friendly, giving, happy, independent, intelligent, knowledgeable, logical, loving, mature, modest, observant, organised, responsive, sensible, sentimental

This would be a great exercise to carry out in the studio with my peers, although everyone has to feel comfortable with it.  Which leads me to the question of ethics and using information gathered from people in the name of research.  It is important to explain the reasons for research  be honest with the results and dont fabrigate them to suit what you want and give credit if necessary, most importantly though is to use the information respectfully always respect confidentiality.

Gosling, S., 2008.  Snoop: What Your Stuff Says About You. London: Profile Books.

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