are you what you wear/buy/sit on/sleep in/ talk to?

Do you love to snoop and be nosy? When I was growing up I was always told not to be so nosy, its rude to stare, dont ask so many questions etc etc, I think you get the picture.  But I love people watching and like nothing more than sitting in a public space and taking in the people of the world and visiting someone for the first time and trying not to stare at their noticeboard, book cases fascinate me and the pots in the kitchen where receipts and the detritus of everyday pockets are stashed .  For semester two our first assignment is to ‘snoop’.  As part of our Christmas break we were asked to read “Snoop – what your stuff says about you” by Sam Gosling …………………………………..

We were also asked to gather a selection of photographs of ourselves or our home which we would exchange with a partner from a different discipline in the University.  Mine have been sent to Texas to Vikki, a student who is on an exchange year and I have received photographs back from her.  I have never met Vikki and dont know anything at all about her so this should be interesting.  I have analysed her photos and now Im waiting to hear back from her with her response about what I have written and also what she makes of me!

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