back to study …..

… what a fun lecture we had on Friday, our first after a break which seemed to last an eternity.  Good taste or not good taste that was the question, well sort of, to begin with we talked about The Canon – for those who dont know, the Oxford Dictionary defines The Canon as;

  • a collection or list of sacred books accepted as genuine:the biblical canon
  • the works of a particular author or artist that are recognized as genuine:the Shakespeare canon
  • the list of works considered to be permanently established as being of the highest quality:Hopkins was firmly established in the canon of English poetry

but who decides which books, poems, albums or songs should make it into the top ten, twenty or one hundred ?  Jonathan asked us to think about who influences us and who we influence.  I know I’ve had influence on my three children in their early music choices and now they definitely influence me with music and I love listening to their new finds.  With interiors my twin girls Rachel and Louise most definitely love what I do,  their rooms in their uni flats are a younger version of my taste and its fun to see their take on it.   My influences have built up from a very early age, my love of textiles and pattern has been with me for as long as I can remember and vintage with a contemporary twist was probably the influence of both my gran, who loved china cups and teapots with crochet mats and cushions and my very first introduction to Habitat when I moved up to Edinburgh in the late 70’s!  What a mix.  So for me my taste has definitely been acquired as far as interiors go.

In an exercise it was interesting to see how Top 5’s could be put together – these were fun to do and in 2 minutes, small groups of us  compiled lists of our top 5 albums, films, composers and designers.  Ages within these groups were very mixed and this too had an influence on what we choose, sometimes the choices came from those who talked the loudest and could actually think of something in such a short time so the decisions were not so precise, fun but not accurate!

An important piece of information from Jonathan and James Donald, my tutor from Dundee Collage back in 2009, was to get to know people – network,  often our popularity as an artist will be determined by who we know and not what we know. Befriending the Curator of a proposed exhibition is also a great idea, as Im reliably imformed that they like to be known for finding the next new artist, of course if Saachi was to buy one of my pieces, would that be me made for life?  Now, with Design Studies, part of our course is encouraging us to blog, Tweet and facebook, so we should have a head start when 2013 arrives. 

Off to read Bourdieu tonight!

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