new times

New semester, new surroundings, new adventures – think I’m going crazy in my old age or could it be an after mid life crisis! I didn’t do the whole uni experience back in the 70’s when grants were available, life was easy and I was young. Why oh why did I wait till now? Ok I do know all the reasons why and now of course Im loving every minute of it.  For lots of reasons but mainly the travelling daily,  I’ve decided to move out of my family home and into student digs, this means; no bath, no heat, not a dishwasher or tumble dryer in sight, stale cigarette smoke on the carpets – gross, still no computer or printer and of course no internet access or t.v. definitely no money after paying a months rent and the same for a deposit and no cupboard full of the essentials in life I’ve become accustomed to – namely loo roll.  You might laugh but its not funny when you’re forced into taking extra hand towels from the supermarkets’ ladies loo!  But on a positive note the library has now become my second home and I get to read the journals in peace and Im saving the world from my petrol fumes and if I follow the Guardians advice I can grow my own food in the empties!

briannaorg @ flickr

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