Happy 2011

Two weeks before Christmas when snow was falling, my pipes (central heating) decided to spring a leak! Got them fixed and then just days before Christmas disaster struck the Scott household – they went again, my dishwasher flooded my kitchen and on Christmas Eve the kitchen ceiling fell in! What a wonderful glorious time we were having.  So since then we’ve had the kitchen part replaced, I’ve been painting and decorating, tiling, fixing curtains and generally making my home like a new pin again, just to get stair carpet and kitchen floor replaced on Saturday.  It looks all sparkly and new but Im in need of some good old fun and relaxation now, bet I was the only one up on New Years Day painting at 9am! I’ve not been near the computer which is unheard of and I’m getting withdrawal symptoms for creating but I have the Art House Co-op sketchbook project to finish and some work for a group I belong to all before the 14th January.

At the weekend Im off to Edinburgh to the Gallery of Modern Art to the “Another World” exhibition filled with surreal art.  Cant wait:)

I would like to wish my readers a very happy 2011 and thank everyone who visited me here last year and do hope you found my site interesting and that you’ll keep coming back and supporting me.

3 thoughts on “Happy 2011

  1. Really sorry to herar about your pipes bursting, I know what a flood feels like.
    Hope 2011 gets better as it progresses.
    Thanks for your inspiration over the last few months.

  2. Sounds like a right trauma! I maybe about if you want a catch up. Depending when your about I may be in my studio or having a (shock horror!!!) a day off!

    Talk soon

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