During textiles in practice I had a class with Sara Keith who showed us her amazing samples that she’s worked on over the years and uses in talks and classes.  Shibori is one of Sara’s specialties and it was some of her samples which inspired me to create these – now I do realise that these are very simple in comparison to Saras’ but its a start and also a technique I want to look into further.  These were done with habotai silk, they were pleated with a Princess Pleater, the stitches pulled up and then acid dyes were then sponged onto the cloth.  I steamed these at home using a vegetable steamer for 40 mins and  I think they worked out really well.

I left some of the stitching in the bottom one, just for the effect and to demonstrate how its done.  I also heat set part of the fabric – where the crinkles are, these should be permanent.

Whilst researching I came across Michelle Griffiths a shibori artist, do have a look her creations they are beautiful, like pieces of sculpture – I now want to meet her, talk to her and take one of her classes,  now!


Below – shibori I made whilst at Dundee College the first was created with thread stitched in a circle and then pulled tight, secured and then dip dyed in procion dye.

This one was created by wetting the fabric , folding and wrapping around a tube, threads were also wrapped around and then dye was sponged on,the piece was covered with cling film and left overnight.

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