assessment day …….. 6th December 2010

What a week in Scotland – snowed in all week and hand in due today thankfully I had everything at home to work on and even a  flood in my house would not stop me  getting everything finished.  Repairs to sketchbook, samples rewashed  and boards done – ready to go only to wake to another white out!  Eventually after much will I ? wont I ? – Jim took me and we eventually arrived in Dundee!  See below for studio space…………..

Here is what I’ve been working on since September,  I was really scared of what I’d taken on at first but once I overcame that I have just loved every minute and to see it all pull together makes me really rather pleased with myself.

Now just have to receive my results tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “assessment day …….. 6th December 2010

  1. Wow! I cannot believe how much work you have achieved since September! It looks fabulous and I’m sure your results will be excellent. Glad you got home safely.

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