time for a little colour

my lovely watercolours – my 50th birthday present

c 2010

c 2010

ok now I’ve just had enough of winter and all this white stuff!  Time to inject a little colour into your day, my chosen subject to take further for my degree  just has to be print!   I love it I LOVE IT – really it is amazing – I walk past the print room and I just want to go in and make fabric, I’ve enjoyed knit and I really like mixed media  and I can still carry on and do those in my own time but for my specialising it has to be PRINT.  When I go to the dye lab with my mask and gloves I just get really excited to see what I can create with all the ingredients and then once you lay out the silk onto the print table I can’t wait to make marks with the dye, sponges and screen and then with the discharge paste – its exciting very very VERY!!!

I took a series of photos when I was doing my textiles in practice print week and thought I’d share them here with a little video …. let me know what you think 🙂


and below are some of the finished silk pieces now washed and ready to use

c 2010

c 2010

c 2010

all designs are copyright Judy Scott 2010

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