Textile Artists to Explore

Textiles in practice has come to an end for 2nd year textile design students, we’ve looked at print, mixed media and knit.  Its been a very busy 3 weeks learning lots of new things and lots of  designers who create with these media. One artist whose work fascinates me is  Anne Kyyro Quinn – her work could be described as textiles with a twist.  The pieces for interiors from cushions to complete wall covers are textile sculptures, manipulated textiles all made by hand.  Check out the portfolio page on her web site and click on the commission for The Lawn Tennis Association!

Anne Kyyro Quinn

Anne Kyyro Quinn

Another artist whose work I would love to see in real life is Matthew Harris. A graduate of Goldsmiths College he dyes, patches and pieces his cloth to make abstract design, drawing with the cloth and stitch, his work has so much life within and every piece has thought behind it, his sketchbook pages are a dream with beautiful mark making which make me want to get out my ink and start to draw and create.


And I’ve just found out his work is featured in a touring exhibition coming to Dumfries soon.  Details can be found here.

Another textile artist on my list to see is Caroline Bartlett with a degree in Printed Textiles, and a post grad in Printed Textiles from both Leeds and  Goldsmiths,  Caroline has exhibited worldwide, won awards and has work in some very prestigious collections.  Another amazing career!

Stitch and Resist on linen

Caroline Bartlett

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