Technology in a shawl

After my thoughts on the hug in a wrap following the lecture by Hazel White, I’ve  been looking at other ways people use technology in their textiles I’ve  mentioned  Jo Hodge in a previous post. Jo is a textile designer and former graduate of Duncan of Jordanstone  with a Masters in Design and for her  Ph.D is working with wearable technology and smart materials.  For her Masters Jo created  clothing from recycled textiles and using her drawing skills and special dye created pattern which alters when exposed to heat or UV light.  Her work is available to view on flickr.

I’ve also found a shawl; The NapCap designed by Simone Wittmann as part of her final year project. It provides security, peace of mind  and comfort whilst travelling on public transport. Simone is a German Designer who specialises in Industrial Design, Design Management and Interaction Design

You can follow the design inspiration and development here.

A scarf which has uses in the medical field is the Beagle Scarf designed by Leo Chao. Leo worked with autistic children and their parents to develop this idea, it works on the sensory system to block or stimulate according to the childs needs.

read in more detail here

Another awesome link I found via Jo Hodge is ‘Where I Go’ by Yves – a ring which instead of a diamond holds a camera, it works by taking photographs according to your settings and saving them to a photo service site (through subscription). Viewing the video is a must.

This is opening a whole new world to me.

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