Assignment two – some further thoughts

Moving on from the brainstorm we did last Friday my immediate thoughts went to James Donald who was one of my tutors at Dundee College. Whilst reading the Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell I couldn’t help but link James with the term connector used throughout the book so I began to build the next step in my assignment around James’ business Concrete Wardrobe on Broughton Street Edinburgh.
James runs Concrete Wardrobe with his business partner Fiona McIntosh – ” Concrete Wardrobe is primarily dedicated to promoting Scottish based or Scottish trained designer makers whose work is both high quality and affordable. Work is manufactured and supplied as one off pieces or as small batch production ranges.”
Below is a quick mind map on Concrete Wardrobe and hope this helps to show why I feel he and Fiona are  excellent connectors ( this was done in no more than 10 mins) and I know if I had chance to speak to James and Fiona the mind map would be huge.

If you follow this link you’ll be able to meet them 🙂

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