Powerful Images Part Two

Last week I talked about powerful images from the 1950’s and 60’s that bought back lots of memories for me – Similar to the one below but from Ladybird books. Here (at the bottom of the post) was my immediate response and below further thought to a lecture we had on Friday, Im not after sympathy what I’ve written here was just what life was like for many


Pour toujours…’s flickr


As I mentioned I was born in 1960 and things were so different then to my home life now. There wasn’t a TV in our house and although we did have a record player being a child we would not be allowed to even touch it. Our toys were very limited and mostly consisted of crayons paper and pencils, glue with a red rubber applicator (anyone remember what it was called?), a sewing kit  and a doll. I grew up reading the Famous Five, the Judy Annual, Ladybird books, the book prizes I received from Sunday school and the Bible.  I have to point out that I was happy with this I loved drawing and crayoning ( as it was called then) this was just accepted I didn’t know any different and I grew up thinking every family was like our family.

We kept our milk in a milk jug and the sugar in a sugar bowl but it wasn’t because we were “posh” my mum just liked things to be done properly, we had a table cloth and china cups, they didn’t match but its what she’d had since she’d married. My mum stayed home and looked after us and my dad went to work – all seems lovely on the outside doesn’t  it.  Now this is where the resemblance to the images ends. Sadly it wasn’t the happy family that people looking in would see.  We were not wealthy but that didn’t matter and I remember having to have free school dinners. I had clothes for school, clothes for church and clothes for playing out! I had to be seen and definitely not heard, not ask questions and I had to be in bed by 6.30pm at the latest and it was here that I used to draw and design the house and fabrics I would have if I were wealthy, my imagination was incredible,  I went through a purple phase where I’d have purple carpets which went up the wall, a sunken bath, big floral curtains (purple) – the bigger the flowers the better. Exquisite lamps and so many art supplies, there was never a TV in my designs, how things have changed with flat screens, music players, mobile phones and computers.

The books I read back then must have had some influence on me  – in the Judy Annuals there were articles about becoming a hairdresser, going to modelling school, being a secretary, becoming a fashion buyer and going to art school but I cant find that one anywhere.  I left school and home at 16 to escape an awful situation I was in and desperately wanted to go to Art School but I had to earn money to support myself so  became a receptionist, then going on to work in the Beauty Industry but my dream was always Art College. Think a picture is starting to form here.

Its interesting to see in the article above that the main tutor is a man but all of the

students are young women!



So you get the picture! Do I think the images influenced me? Yes they probably did because they were my escape. I’m not sure if things would have turned out differently if I’d been able to stay at home with the support to go and study, that I’ll never know but one things is certain I eventually made Art School!

Wish my immediate thought had been the gorilla!



4 thoughts on “Powerful Images Part Two

  1. At least you are finally doing what you always dreamed of doing Judy. I was lucky enough to have had a happy family life but there was still not the support for me to follow my dream of doing an art degree… so that’s what I am doing too… thirty five years later!

  2. I think the glue with the red top was called “Gloy”. Do you remember those packets of coloured paper shapes which you had to lick? They were a bit like a paper version of fuzzy felts. I used to love making pictures with them.

  3. Hi Gina – I think we both really appreciate our studying as we’ve had so long to wait to do it – I don’t know how you manage to fit in all your teaching though. x

    Hello Meg yes Gloy sounds familiar, when I was writing the post Glory came into my head but I think you could be right! Fuzzy felt and sticky shapes – perfect 🙂

  4. You’re not much older than me so I remember similar things and with an older sister the same age as you I got to see the Judy and the Jackie!Yes Judy it was Gloy. I remember it well now that you mention it. It was no good for gluing anything more than paper. I progressed to UHU, but it was rationed as we all wanted to use it and it was expensive!
    I took left over pieces of coloured sticky paper home from school for my wee sister to play with as we wouldn’t have had any in the house. Life was simple but was it any better?

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