Georgina von Etzdorf

Duncan of Jordanstone Textile department was buzzing on Monday with the arrival of Georgina von Etzdorf, from the fashion, interior and accessory company of the same name whose work spanned two and a half decades.  An amazing talk, show and tell was held for us very fortunate textile design students and afterwards a chance to talk to Georgina and touch the beautiful treasures.  Her work can only be described as treasure, it is so sumptuous and rich both in colour and in the cloth and Kylie, Robbie Williams and The Pet Shop Boys are just a few in a list of many who own some of her pieces.  The accessories are not only works of art but also beautiful to wear and have been featured many times in both the British and Italian Vogue with Isabella Rosalina being their muse.


Georgina von Etzdorf

In 2006 Manchester held a huge exhibition as a retrospective of the 25 years of the company it was a great success  and amongst the exhibits were the hand screen printing done in their Wiltshire barn to the  techno fabrics created in collaboration with artists from around the world.  The images shown to us from this exhibition were amazing and those who attended would have experienced many things as it really was a stimulation of the senses.

Georgina von Etzdorf

Hanging at height were fabrics in every colour, pattern and texture imaginable and the visitor could lie back and look up and be charmed and relaxed by their slight movement in the breeze.

But we’d be mistaken if we thought it had been rosy and glamourous from the beginning.  The company – three friends all met after leaving art college in Camberwell and began in Georginas’ parents garage, hard work and determination won through and the ability to create by hand beautiful fabrics often with up to 8 separations for one design.  These designs were changed with colour, fabric, enlargement and reducing so the designs would always work together.  Collaborations with artists in Italy and Germany created beautiful textiles with light and sound which have to be seen to be appreciated and once more appeal to the senses.

Many of the designs caught my eye and the attention to detail was exquisite for example the rolled edges of the silk scarves were a different but subtle colour to the rest of the scarf. The printed velvet and devores were so good you felt you could eat them! but one of my favourite designs was Lupin – such a beautiful and versatile design – you can see it above on the bottom row at the front, second in and 8th along the bottom – beautiful.

Georgina is so full of enthusiasm her eyes sparkle as she talks about her work – it was amazing to meet her and talk to her.  Do go if you ever have the chance.



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