banana leaves dotty ink spots and honeysuckle

Just had a week in Digital Production Tools and its been amazing!! I love digital work and all the pieces have been created using my own original art work and we have spent the week blending and layering. A few of my images are here for everyone to see!

One of my water colour paintings was used here, then duplicated

and the colour selection tool used  to give the softer look you see on the left.

The ink illustration parts are drawings I made into brushes,

this way you’re able to change the colour to match anything in the design.

Water colour painting again, this time of roses.

They were duplicated and colour enhanced, enlarged and cropped!

The daisies were drawn in graphite, the page was very messy.

I cleaned the background using the magic wand  tool,

then repeated the image and played around with composition.

Ink drawing of a Japanese Anemone using Indian ink and coloured inks.

The background is one of my mixed media collages, using layers of gesso, papers,

paint, graphite, linseed oil really everything I have to hand.

The anemone image was placed on top of the texture and I used the layer blending modes to create the antique look.

these images were layered and blended to create the

digital designs below

5 thoughts on “banana leaves dotty ink spots and honeysuckle

  1. So glad to hear you are loving every minute and so up for getting the most out of the whole opportunity! Its great that we can get a glimpse of how you’re doing as I had been wondering about you and Maureen told me about this yesterday-Brilliant! I’m really excited for you!I’ve had a lovely family week at home and am about to spoil it by making apple chutney and stinking the house out! Maybe we can meet up for a coffee or lunch one day-will be in touch. Much love Mo

  2. Hi Judy – have folloed your blog for quite a while now. Have to say your digital images blended from previous works are beautiful. I wish you all the very best in your course, and look forward to seeing more of your work.

  3. I’ve been teaching myself digital layers and textures. It’s so much fun! Yours are gorgeous with your own designs. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work Judy

  4. wow!!!!! your soooo clever mum, i absolutely love them especially the Japanese Anemone, that would look really good in my room… xxx

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