4am in the morning

4am this morning had me planning the next stage of  research for my Textile Design project Natural Pattern – one minute Im sleeping soundly and then ‘ping’  a light bulb  goes on in my head and ideas are spinning.  Museums, drawing days, tutorials, workshops, library,  lectures and a 75 mile round trip every day my life has changed completely.  Having waited for so long to get here I cant quite believe its happening and feel like a sponge and want to get the most out of everything, does any one else feel the same?  Im always enthusiastic about things I love but with this it feels so intense – perhaps it will calm down?

Today I had my first design studies lecture, it was brilliant; I learned that my English grammar is dreadful and don’t think I’d ever master Chinese, I don’t read the correct newspapers and magazines, history is now and the future, that design is like cake (I prefer this metaphor rather than “design is like an iceberg”).  I’m at least 10 years older than my lecturer who loves marzipan and that Im not here at D of J to create pretty fabrics but hopefully to create something that makes a difference – wow thats a lot for one day!

5 thoughts on “4am in the morning

  1. Yes, so much to take in, but so exciting … those first few steps. Shall enjoy following your progress and process. Have a couple of images to send you re. string ;o)

    Have a lovely weekend xo

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